Kiddo Update

We’ve had a busy month so far with Brian finishing school and Katie helping out with VBS at church. Abigail has tried squash and sweet potatoes… she loves the sweet potatoes! She is really starting to be mobile and is definitely not allowed to be left on the sofa by herself anymore. She tried to take a nose dive off the sofa the other day and Brian happened to be walking by at just the right moment to catch her. She also loves her jump up… she goes crazy when we put her in that thing. Elijah is in love with his baby sister. He has been sick this week and I think the hardest thing for him is that he cannot play with Abigail. He loves to bring her toys and play peek a boo with her. He really enjoys painting. I don’t know how much actually gets on the paper, but hey he could be performance painter right? Elijah amazes us more and more with how much he knows. He is so smart… I think we are signing him up for Harvard next week… I guess every parent probaby thinks their child is a prodigy though. Elijah’s favorite phrase right now… “what are you talking about?”

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