The Park

Elijah is a big helper when we go to the park. He loves to push Abigail in the stroller… by himself! Abigail doesn’t mind though.. she’s just along for the ride.

Elijah loves to be tackled by Brian. In this picture, he was sitting in expectation of a big tackle. Don’t worry… he gets him back every time!

Abigail has really become mobile. She crawls everywhere! Her poor little knees are constantly red.

Our kids are really spoiled with the park being just down the street. Elijah and Brian head over there a few times a week and explore. Elijah really doesn’t care too much about the actual playground… he loves to climb the trees and jump on rocks. He also likes to sit on the big swing and watch the cars go by. He tells us what colors he sees and what all the people are doing. He and Abigail are both people watchers. Abigail is really well behaved when we go out to eat as long as there are people to watch. She’s so nosey (she gets it honestly from her mom though)!


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