Abigail’s Birthday

That’s right folks… Abigail turned the big ONE on the 9th of January. She’s such a cutie girl. She can wave, say hello and bye bye, woof, baa, slide, climb, and she even took five steps on her birthday. We had a family celebration on her birthday. Elijah helped make and eat cupcakes. Abigail wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cupcake at first, but quickly got the hang of it and by the time of her party, she had no problem diving into her cake! We had a fun celebration with family and friends. Abigail is so special to us and we were happy to have a day to celebrate her life. She is a very friendly baby and charms anyone near her. She is really coming into her own personality. She is not to be pushed around by anyone… especially big brother. They are learning more and more how to play with each other. A year ago, Elijah wasn’t too sure about having a baby in the family, but now I’m not sure he would know what to do without her.


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