Elijah’s Birthday

As soon as I flipped the calendar to March, Elijah was sure that it was his birthday. Everyday he told me that it was his birthday. We put a big green circle around the 21st and started x-ing off the days. Really though, he had a birthday month. Thank you to all you kind folks who have claimed my children as your own. He had gifts and cards coming in for a couple of weeks. The day before we planned to have his party, tornadoes came through Atlanta and tore up down town. Thankfully, all we got was rain. However, the next day (party day) more storms came through and knocked Elijah’s guest list down to just a couple of friends. We had a good time despite the weather. We had an indoor Easter egg hunt, cake and ice cream… fun fun fun. And if that wasn’t enough, a couple of days later, Aunt Lisa showed up with cupcakes, pizza and more friends. Elijah was beside himself. He loves having friends come over to play. I cannot believe he is three years old! He is so big… no more crib, no more paci, no more diapers… when did a little boy move in with us?

My personal favorite part of Elijah’s birthday was on his actual birthday when he asked Jesus to live in his heart. We talked about how Jesus died on the cross to take our punishment away. Elijah decided that it would be a good idea to ask God to be in Savior because he knows that, like all of us, he is a sinner in need of grace. His favorite songs right now are Amazing Grace and Joyful Joyful.


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