How to Eat a Chocolate Cookie

Abigail demonstrated how to eat a chocolate cookie today. First… while you are still in the store where you were given the cookie, maintain a good, clean look so that no one will take the cookie from you. However, once in the car, you break the cookie so that you have one for each hand. While eating the cookie from one hand, the warmth from your other hand melts the cookie it is holding, making the chocolate soft and gooey. Next, take the soft and gooey cookie and begin to rub it all over your face… don’t forget to put it up your nose and in your ears. If your big brother laughs, be sure to keep doing it! When you have covered your whole head with chocolate, eat the rest of the cookie then wipe your hands on your shirt and legs. Be sure to stick your toes in your mouth and get them gooey as well. Thank you and we hope this was helpful.


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