Saint Simons Trip- Summer 2008

I must start this post by saying that this trip was great, but incomplete. Brian had to stay behind to work. He was greatly missed. A couple of days after we arrived, Elijah said, “I need my daddy back in my life!” That said, we did have a great time. Aunt Lisa, Gammy, Pops, the kids and I headed to the beach… at the same time Tropical Storm Fay was making her appearance. The first day we were there, we took full advantage of the pool and beach. However, Abigail and Elijah were not the biggest fans of the beach. Abigail kept using her new favorite word, noise, to tell me all about the ocean. After that day, we were wall to wall rain. So… we swam in the bathtub instead.

We took a morning to head up to Savanna (again right along with TS Fay) and hung out at the mall. They had a really fun play area with tunnels, a ball pit and lots of other good stuff.

We were just excited to be at the condo and away from the same old stuff. Elijah and Abigail got to share a room which was an experience they have yet to have. They were both thrilled with the whole idea!

Trips to Saint Simons are always a fun time for the Dugdales!!!


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