Fall Is In The Air

We have been having wonderful weather for getting out and about. Even though it has been a little on the chilly side for this time of year, we’ve tried to take advantage of outside fun. Our sweet friends invited us to the botanical garden for a morning of fun. The kids were all over the place. I suppose they appreciated it in their own way. We toured the children’s garden, played in the tree house, posed for pictures and zoomed through the greenhouses. Our morning ended with a picnic lunch. What a great day! Elijah and his girls!

Brian and I were having a little family rivalry with our hats!

Who knew there was so much nature around Atlanta? On Saturday, we headed to Kennesaw Mountain for a hike. Elijah was such a trooper. He hiked almost the whole mile up the mountain! We took a snack break at the top and then spent time chasing falling leaves. After that, we were recharged and ready to head back down the mountain. Elijah made it all the way down (with a little help from daddy). Everyone came home and took a great nap!

I cannot believe how Elijah and Abigail are growing up right before our eyes. Everyone says to enjoy these moments… before we know it, the kids will be grown and on their own. Some days, I feel like that will never happen. But… look… they are growing so fast!


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