Cute Kids

I really need to start keeping a notebook with me to keep track of the funny things Elijah and Abigail say and do. I can never remember the funny sayings when I want to. Elijah hears a word or phrase and then tries it out to see how it goes over with us. Sometimes, he uses things in a defiant way, but mostly… it’s just funny! Some of his most recent statements have started out with, “I hardly think…” and “It’s a possibility…” What three year old talks like that?

Elijah and Abigail together are quite a pair. They are so funny in the car (when they are not fussing with each other). The newest game they’ve made up is the “nummy game.” They lick things in the back seat (the window, the seat belt, etc.) and say.. you guessed it… “nummy!!!” Gross, I know.

Abigail is adding more words to her vocabulary than I can keep track of. I guess she’s in the “language explosion phase.” She’s a mess… and she knows it. The other day, she was “cleaning” dishes for me. She was dumping the clean dishes into a dirty bowl that was soaking in the sink. When I found her, she said “Mess!!!”

I am using a lot of “quotation marks” today… So… “I” hope “you” have a great day!


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