Thanksgiving Madness

We headed down to Saint Simons for what has become an annual tradition for us. The trip down was eerily easy… for which I am quite thankful. Gammy and Pops were with for the first couple of days and then headed back to Atlanta.

We took some time to be tourists on the island. We rented a suri (i’m not sure if that is spelled right)… it was a family bicycle. We rode around the island while Abigail and Elijah took turns ringing the bell. The next day, we headed out to Fort Frederica for some exploration. Climbing trees ended up being more fun than looking at the old fort!

Aunt Alyson came down on Tuesday and on Thursday, we headed out to visit MORE family!!!! We spent Thanksgiving day in Gainesville with Brian’s family (the Marshalls). Elijah and Abigail had so much fun with cousin Kaitlin! It is a treat to have family playmates the same age.

On Friday, we headed out to see Grandpa Dug. He has cows and donkeys at his house… which of course were a hit. Abigail is such a love bug… she charmed Grandpa in no time!

Our week ended with a day of football, leftover desserts and playtime on the beach. It is hard to imagine leaving for home, but usually, by the end of the week, we are ready. Thus ends the whirlwind week of Thanksgiving for the Dugdales!


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