Christmas with the Dugdales!

I am so not ready for Christmas to be over. It came and went in a blur this year. I really enjoyed time spent with the kids and Brian this year. We tried to be very purposeful in making family memories. The big favorite was driving around and looking at lights. With both kids talking up a storm, there was much excitement in the car whenever we saw lights.

Last year, we started a Dugdale family tradition of making a pancake birthday cake (a stack on pancakes with candles on top) for Jesus. We read the Christmas story and sing happy birthday to Jesus before we open gifts. After our morning together, we head to the grandparents’ house for more Christmas fun with the rest of my family.

Abigail was so excited about all the doll accessories Gammy gave her. She is such a little mommy… always taking care of everyone.

Elijah got some super fun stuff as well, including a make your own bouncy ball kit. He and Brian wasted no time in opening up the kit and making bouncy balls. They were so cute.

We have had an action packed year and I cannot believe it is over. Abigail will be two in just a few days and Elijah will be four in March. Everyday is so fun with them!

So, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Remember to focus on Christ year round, not just at Christmas!


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