Elijah’s Birthday

All of the sudden we have a kid living in our house… not a baby or a toddler… a kid! Elijah turned 4 today. He is so proud. He has been telling everyone about being four years old. He has been counting down the days this month until his birthday. We started the day with cinnamon rolls and then headed out and about, ending our morning with Chick- Fil- A for lunch. After riding on his new bike, we headed out to a nearby park to meet up with friends and celebrate. Elijah was beaming the whole time. He is such a special guy. We are truly blessed to have him in our family!


Abigail insisted that today was her birthday. She would not be convinced otherwise. She was quite content to blow bubbles, eat bubbles and live out her misconception.

Elijah had a different cake idea every week for a while, but finally settled on a zoo animal cake. He really wanted to put my cake making skills to the test when he requested lemurs and mere cats on the cake. I tried to deliver. He kept telling people that “mommy put a black and white thing on the cake that was supposed to be a lemur.” It may not have looked like one, but hey… what can I say?

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