Cooking Up Some Fun

The Dugdale kids love to help in the kitchen. In the mornings, Elijah gets his apron on and helps make grits for breakfast. Abigail wants to stir and pour and get her hands into everything. However, she cannot stand to have anything dirty on her… so her help usually doesn’t last very long. This week the kids got to make dinner for us. We made pizza! A couple of days later, Brian and the kiddos made chocolate chip cookies… yummy!

Elijah put on lots and lots of cheese… i think some went into his mouth instead of the pizza! We customized this pizza so that Katie could have some mushrooms on her side.

We kept giving Abigail pepperoni to put on the pizza and she kept eating them. She was very excited about being a big girl and helping in the kitchen.

Brother and sister were hard at work making the chocolate chip cookies. Again, I am sure some of the ingredients (the chocolate) bypassed the bowl and went straight to their tummies!


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