The Big Move

We’ve been talking about it for weeks and now we’ve done it! Brian was accepted into the counseling program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Florida. It is an intense, two year program… pray for us! Brian is very excited about this new chapter in our lives. He feels very strongly about going into Christian counseling.

With that said, Brian headed down early to move all our belongings and the kids and Katie headed down when VBS was over at church. Amazingly, they only stopped once the entire trip… impressive right… a pregnant woman with two small children on an eight hour drive! We were loaded up with yummy snacks, videos, books, music, etc.

Here it is… our home for the next two years! It’s cozy and just the right size for our family. The garage is actually two storage areas and does not fit any cars in it… I’m okay with that! Can you see our orange tree in the front yard… yum!

This is our HUGE backyard. It is full of wildlife… frogs, lizards, ducks, herons, and only God knows what else! The kids (and Brian) have lots of run around room. I LOVE it!

Here is the view from the back. We got the kids a pool to help with the Florida heat. We have a rose bush that is blooming and have planted tomato bushes. The only problem we have run into were some fire ants that got Elijah tonight… poor guy… never saw them coming!

Fun in the sun! They had so much fun breaking in the new pool (a housewarming gift from Gammy… THANKS Gammy!) It’s not turned on in this picture, but there is a built in sprinkler on the slide!

If you can’t beat them, join them! Brian got in for a little cooling off too!

Well… that’s it for the Dugdales. Stay tuned to the blog. It will look a little different in coming days. I will try to keep a running list of prayer requests and updates. For now, we are just trying to get settled in before Brian starts classes next month.


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