Water and Cows

We discovered a water park very close to our house and have been spending a lot of time there. The kids love it. The pool starts and zero feet deep and only goes to 3 1/2 feet. Both Elijah and Abigail are gaining confidence in the water. Elijah is so close to learning how to swim! Abigail loves experiencing life… she experiences the pool like everything else… without holding back!

Elijah and Mommy heading down the slide… I guess that’s safe at 7 months pregnant. Oh well… it is fun!

Say “moo” for your food. If you know the Dugdales, you know we love chick fil a… and more than that… we love free chick fil a! We took full advantage of Cow Appreciation Day (dress like a Chick Fil A cow and get a free meal). The whole family donned our cow apparel and headed out for some yummy lunch.

And then, we did it again for some free dinner!

Things are plugging along at the Dugdale house. We are settling into seminary life. Brian’s first class started today. He is excited! The kids are testing limits and learning their boundaries now that we are in a new place. They love having a backyard to run around in and a pool near by to play in. Katie is trying to remember that she is pregant and will be having this baby in just a few short weeks. Basically, we are taking things one day at a time. The Bible says “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” Why borrow trouble from tomorrow? Just take things as they come… and in the mean time… enjoy some free Chick Fil A!!!!


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