Selah Michelle

Selah Michelle was born on August 29th at 2:15 pm. The labor and delivery went swiftly and 24 hours later, we were home and life was back to normal… sort of. Elijah and Abigail are in love with their new sister. They are very demonstrative with their love. We are little worried that Abigail will love her to death. The two will be sharing a room soon. We will see how that goes. The above picture is when Selah was about 1 week old. I took several pictures of her with the intention of posting them and then left the camera at home. So… sorry if these are repeats for some of you.
Selah and Katie were released from the hospital about 24 hours after Selah’s birth. It is still hard to believe they actually let people walk about with these tiny people!
I am trying to enjoy every minute of Selah’s time as a baby. When Abigail was born, we were going through a lot of transitions and I feel that I did not really get to enjoy her. Although we are in a great time of transition now, I have learned that time really does fly and I need to soak it all in while I can. Selah is easy to enjoy. She sleeps, eats and fills up diapers. She sleeps most of the night and is awake a lot during the day. We have already realized that she loves to be around people and does not like to be left alone.

Having a third child definitely adds a new dynamic to the family. This is uncharted territory for us, but somehow I think we will make it.


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