Selah and Things

Well, we have had quite an eventful month. By eventful, I mean everyone has been sick… each with something different. Abigail and Elijah both had stomach bugs then Abigail had a cold and ear infection. However, the one who bore the worst of it was 4 1/2 week old Selah. On her one month birthday, we went into the ER because she was having difficulty breathing. She tested positive for RSV (a respitory virus) and was admitted to the hospital for four days. While there, she received breathing treatments and constant supervision. We were sent home, but she went downhill over the weekend. When we returned to the doctor, we were given a breathing machine and instructions on how to treat her at home. She is improving each day. It was hard to see her hooked up to machines. I was very concerned. We were blessed, however, by our church friends here in Orlando. Our friends pulled together to take care of the kids and bring us meals.

Selah with her triceratops mask on while receiving a breathing treatment.

Daddy’s Girl

WHOA! Enough Pictures already!!!

This s what Elijah and Abigail do while I am checking the internet. My little monkeys!!!

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