Trip to Atlanta

The kids and Katie headed to Atlanta for some much needed rest after Selah’s hospital adventure. We stayed with the grandparents and had a great time visiting with friends and family. It was nice to go home to such welcoming faces. The kids got to play with their friends at church while Katie went to mom to mom for some encouragement! While in Atlanta, we visited the zoo and the pumpkin patch! It was a great trip and other than an hour and a half stop in traffic on the way back down, we had a peaceful car trip as well. Praise the Lord!

Brian stayed in back in Florida to catch up on sleep and school. He was very missed on our trip. We were all glad to see each other when we returned. Brian welcomed us back with balloons and cupcakes!

Selah… feeling much better!

Abigail the Lion… ROAR!!!

Selah at the pumpkin patch

Elijah… chilling with the pumpkins.

All five cousins… Selah, Rebecca, Daniel, Abigail and Elijah. Trying to get all five to look at the camera (and be awake) will have to wait a few years.

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