Things as of Late

Things have been a bit crazy lately… although that is nothing new to the Dugdales. I have learned to take things one day at a time… as the Bible says, there is no sense worrying about tomorrow, it has enough worries of its own. After our trip to Atlanta, the family had a few days at home and then hit the road again. This time, we headed out to visit some of Brian’s family. He spent some time with Uncle Greg and then we met him to spend the night at Grandpa Doug’s house. The kids have been troupers on the long car trips. After Grandpa’s house, we went to Saint Simons to spend a couple of nights with my parents. Then, back home again for a couple weeks of rest, school and potty training before we hit the road again.

However, it was not the restful time we were expecting. We were rearended last week on our way home from church and are currently in between cars… being in limbo and not knowing what comes next seems to be a reoccurring theme for us. God is always faithful to guide us though!

Elijah riding his big boy bike all the way to the neighborhood park!

Making breakfast with Grandpa Doug!

Abigail the rock climber.

We cut up and cooked the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and had a day of baking. The kids helped make pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars and pumpkin pie.

So… that’s what’s new with us. We have another couple of weeks at home before we head out again for our annual Thanksgiving trip. The kids are looking forward to the holidays (so am I!). We hope all is well with your family.


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