Princess Abigail Hiding from the Paparazzi

Once upon a time, Princess Abigail was feeling trapped, confined to a life of boundaries. She felt that she couldn’t leave for fear of the paparazzi catching up with her…

but one day she decided that enough was enough… she was going to venture out.After carefully scoping out her surroundings, the princess decided it was safe to leave. Little did she know, she was already being followed.

“he he” she thought, “I think this is really going to work.”

Oh no, the paparazzi had found her. Well, maybe if she gave them one good smile, they would leave her alone.

Boy was she wrong, now there were more of them… it was time to cut the day short and head back to her palace. No more pictures please.

And thus ended the day of freedom for Princess Abigail.


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