Where’s the Baby?

Today we were blessed to go to our church in South Carolina. The church and its members are very dear to us and were a HUGE part of the beginning of our marriage. Our pastor is a great story teller and I would like to share with you the story that he told today.

There was a well to do family who lived in a large home with many rooms and many servants. They decided that they wanted to have their new baby baptized in their home. They invited many guests and hosted a large party. There was much time eating and talking and enjoying the party. Finally, the father decided it was time to get on with the baptizing and he asked “where is the baby?”. No one knew the answer to this question. The nanny was sent to find the baby. She searched the rooms of the large home and, frantic, reported that she could not find him. Finally, one guest recalled seeing the baby lying on a bed. He went to the room and began removing all the coats and furs and sweaters that had been piled carelessly on the bed. When he got to the bottom, there was the baby, almost suffocated to death.

The question that was presented to us was, in this Christmas season, filled with traditions, “Where is the baby?” Is he buried under the traditions? Is he forgotten completely? Or is he in the very center of our celebration?

Christmas is not just a “commercial racket run by a big corporation back east” like Lucy says in the Charlie Brown Christmas special, but rather the celebration of the birth of Christ. We give gifts, eat yummy foods, visit with family… all to remember the greatest gift… Jesus.

So, please, take time this Christmas to celebrate the birth of Christ. Read his story in the Bible. The book of Luke, chapter 2 is a great telling of his birth and the events surrounding it. Take some time to tell God thank you. Take some time to share the Christmas story with your children, your family, your neighbors… and don’t be afraid to tell someone “Merry Christmas!”


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