Elijah’s Birthday

So, Elijah is 5… read that again … 5… as in 5 years old… where does the time go? He is so old! We marvel at him all the time! He has had a big year… he learned to ride a bike, read, write, and memorizing every fact imaginable about dinosaurs. Seriously, he knows more about dinosaurs than I could ever hope to know.

As usual, it rained on Elijah’s birthday, so we had to think quick and come up with some inside games for the friends that came. We were so excited to have friends from church, from the neighborhood and cousin Kaitlin come and celebrate with us!

Musical Floor Spots. I was super impressed with how well the kids handled this game. No one cried when they got out. We also did the hokey pokey.

Everyone got to make their own pizza. Here, Elijah and his buddy Braden are preparing their pizza for the oven.

The cake… a dinosaur… of course! It was a hit.

Happy Birthday Elijah!


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