The Girls

Elijah has had a lot of face time on the blog… I thought the girls should get their time as well. We have a full house… always full of excitement. The other day, I went outside and found Elijah and Abigail throwing sand into the air conditioner… as I was helping Abigail clean her hands from all the sand, Elijah decided to climb on and jump off the air conditioner. I called him in to talk about why that is not safe and by the time that talk was over, Abigail was climbing and jumping on the air conditioner. So… never a dull moment. And then… another evening, Selah was playing on the living room floor… Brian and I went to the kitchen for about a minute. When we returned… Selah was no where to be found. She had crawled completely under the futon and could not figure out how to get out.

Selah likes to maximize the use of her exersaucer.

Sweet sisters.

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