Spring is Here!

Spring is most definitely here. We have been taking full advantage of the great weather. The kids especially spend most of their time outside soaking up the fresh air. In Florida, we are getting out and about as much as we can before the heat really kicks in!

We were fortunate to make a trip to Atlanta for Easter and visit with family and friends. There is just never enough time to see everyone. We are thankful for the folks we were able to spend time with and hope to see the rest of you on the next trip. The kids had a great time playing with cousins and friends. We participated in several Easter egg hunts, had a fun dinner and outside game night with the family and Easter lunch at East Lake!!!

Christ the Lord is risen. Thank the Lord the story doesn’t end on Good Friday… Christ died on the cross, but even that could not stop him! Three days later, he rose from the grave… victorious (was there ever any doubt?)!!! We are so thankful for the good news that Christ has risen and conquered death so that we might have eternal life in him!

Easter Egg hunt #1 with playgroup in Florida

Easter egg hunt #2 at the Cox’s house in Atlanta

Abigail and cousin Rebecca “playing” horseshoes

Ladder Ball… the game of choice for the guys!

Cousin Hadassah!!!

Three beautiful children.
(Selah’s dress made it about an hour before being covered in spit up.. oh well… at least we got a picture)

Chowing down at East Lake

Selah and cousin Daniel

Family Picture… what a good looking crew!

Easter Egg Hunt #3 at the Grandparents

Abigail and Rebecca looking for the last remaining eggs in the hunt (they were never found)

Thanks for checking in with the Dugdale Family.

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