Strawberry Picking

We have living in Florida for almost a year and just found out there is a strawberry patch just a few miles down the road. All this time we could have been enjoying some hand picked strawberries. Thankfully, our playgroup decided to go just before the end of the season. Elijah had so much fun! Before we knew it, he had picked almost 5 pounds!

The man who owned the patch must have thought he was going to sell out the day we were there… Elijah kept running back to grab more baskets to hold all his berries!

Abigail picked about 4 strawberries and informed me that she was done and going to go pay. She started toward the check out table. Once Abigail gets an idea in her head, it is hard to deter her from it.

Selah had a great time as well. She was so excited to ride in the backpack carrier. She is a busy little girl and wanted to get down to explore the strawberry patch for herself.

So, we have been trying to put our 5 pounds of strawberries to good use. We have been making smoothies, dipping strawberries in chocolate, enjoying homemade strawberry icecream… hmm… what else can we make?!?

**Thanks to our friend Lauren B. for the pictures!**


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