Mother’s Day

The kids and Brian surprised me with breakfast in bed this morning. Elijah said it was like Bojangles and Waffle House combined (they had made biscuits, hashbrowns, bacon and eggs). Everyone enjoyed climbing into bed and chowing down. After church, we headed to a local flower nursery that houses a butterfly garden. It was a really fun experience. The kids got little maps to identify all the butterflies that were flying around. We also got to dip our fingers in juice and have the butterflies land on us for a snack. Brian had a butterfly decide that his shirt was a good place to lay some eggs. The people who worked there harvested the eggs from his shirt! After the garden, we headed to Steak and Shake for some yummy lunch!

Elijah really enjoyed running around and exploring the butterfly garden! He was excited to practice his reading skills on his butterfly guide. The kid is a reading machine!

Pretty Flowers

Selah getting ready to chow down on some fries at Steak and Shake. The third child gets so many perks!

Abigail and I shared a chocolate shake. She made sure that we both got our straws in it. “Put it over here” she said, pointing to the spot right in front of her… “then we can both share.” I think it was her plan all along to swipe it when I wasn’t looking. She obviously does not know how passionate I am about chocolate!

This has been a tough year for the Dugdale family, but out of hardship, we have grown as a family. We have our good days and bad, but when it comes down to it, we are truly blessed. We have three amazing children in our family and are continually thankful for them. I am constantly reminded that they are a blessing! People are always stopping us to comment on our kids. They really are special and I am thankful to be their mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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