Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes

There is never a dull moment when Abigail and Elijah are concerned. They always have the most interesting conversations. Unfortunately, much of it is Elijah feeling the need to correct Abigail… because, of course, being five, he knows everything! However, in spite of that, they still have some pretty cute conversations and comments:

“Mommy, you’re really good at laundry” – Abigail

“Do you understand what I said?”
“What did I say?”
” I don’t remember, but I understand”
– Katie and Elijah

” Abigail, your hair is so so so so so pretty” – Elijah

“I’m sorry… I spilled the pumidifier” – Elijah (about the humidifier)

“Let’s put our hair nets on and play bakery” – Elijah

Okay.. let me give you some background on this next one. Selah was eating peas the other day and I said, “she’s really going to town on those” Elijah asked what town… I said, “peaville.”
Now… you have to sing this one:
“Peaville… peaville… there’s a town called peaville where babies go to eat peas… oh peaville, peaville… selah likes to eat peas in peaville.”- Elijah

Favorite phrases at our house right now… “Guess what?” and “Ditto!”

Stay tuned for more…


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