Money Saving Monday… er Tuesday

There is a craze sweeping across the country… And for those who have the time and energy to invest I it, more power to you. It is the coupon clipping craze. There are so many blogs devoted to finding the best deal and working coupons to save the most money. There is a link to my sis in law’s blog on the side bar (thrifty shannon). Like I said, if you have the time and the know how to do it, go for it!

There are two reasons I have not jumped on the coupon bandwagon…
1. I have been struggling lately to invest quality time in my family. I know that if I took on couponing, it would pull me farther from the kids.
2. I have tried to use coupons in the past, but found myself buying a lot of things that I didn’t need. Most coupons are for name brand products. We just buy store brand and save the difference.

Plus…we don’t have internet access at home to be able to print coupons. Don’t get me wrong. I shop sales and BOGOs at Publix. Aldi is another great store to shop and save!

With that said, there are quite a few things this family does to live simply and save money. I am going to try to regularly share some of these tips (and others from other families who do a fantastic job of living simply… See the “Good to be Crazy” blog on the sidebar).

Ok…here’s today’s money saving tip:

Do your own haircuts!
I have been cutting Brian’s hair since before we got married. We have a pair of clippers similar to the ones pictured above (walmart… About $30). we bought them about 5 years ago and they are still going strong. I also cut Elijah’s hair and when the girls have enough, I’ll cut their’s as well.
Now, I do get my hair cut by a professional…but only about once every 9 months or so. And I go to the hair cuttery… $15!
I cut Elijah and Brian’s hair once every couple of months…if we are saving $15 on each hair cut, that’s $180 a year!

I’d love to hear from your family and creative money saving tips you use.


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