Money Saving Monday- Buy Used

To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite TV families ( the Duggars… You know the family on TLC with like 19 kids)…”Buy used and save the difference!”

We have been blessed to find friends each place we have lived who have children just slightly older than our’s. We reap the hand me down benefits! We have also been blessed by a generous Gammy who likes to dote on her grandchildren. However, when the hand me downs don’t come in the right size or Gammy’s not around, we head to thrift stores and Goodwill. If you live in the burbs like we do, you can generally find some really nice, sometimes with the tags still on, clothes! Goodwill has baby clothes – 3T for 99 cents! Yard sales and consignment sales are also great!

Buy used, save the difference can work with other things too… Cars, furniture, baby gear, books, etc. I do not recommend this practice for things like underwear or toilet paper or toothbrushes! In other words, use your discretion 😉 !


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