Thankful Thursday- Daddy’s Girls

This morning I brought Selah into the bedroom to see Brian before he had to go to work. Do you know what that little booger did? She looked at him and said “daddy!” Although part of me felt a twinge of jealousy, the rest of me realized that I am super thankful for a husband who loves his children. He not only loves them, he adores them, exhorts them, enjoys them… And they know it!

We went to Chick Fil A to meet Brian for dinner before he had to head back to school the other night. It didn’t occur to me to tell the kids that he would be there. For all they knew, we were just going for a little treat… But when Abigail saw his van in the parking lot, she couldn’t contain her squeals of delight! She was clapping her hands and bouncing in her car seat yelling, “I love my daddy!”

I am thankful for Brian and so proud of him!


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