Money Saving Monday- Dollar Section

Raise you hand if you love the dollar section at Target!!! You can
always find fun knick knacks, toys, household items, gardening
supplies, etc. in the dollar section. Our children think it is an
amazing place. Brian and I have decided that there really is not much
point in buying big expensive toys when our children get just as
excited about the the toys in the dollar section. One of Elijah’s
favorite toys is a marble tracks set he got a couple of years ago from
… you guessed it… the dollar section! Depending on the season, you can pick up gardening supplies (spring time), pool toys (summer), school supplies (end of summer), winter hats, novelty socks, games, picture frames, etc. We even decorated the kids’ bathroom using items from the dollar section. And if you really work the system and wait until they get ready to put out new inventory, you can get the old stuff for 25- 75% off!

The point of all this is be practical. You don’t have to buy expensive things!


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