Summer Travels…part 1

This past week was spent in Atlanta catching up with family and friends. We were so glad Brian was able to take time away from the clinic and work and spend the week with us. For us, traveling is not so much a vacation as a relocation, but still… a change of scenery is always nice. We were able to see friends we hadn’t seen in a while as well as participate in our church’s VBS.

A rare picture with all five of us (my goodness… we really do have five people in our family).

Elijah eating smores with his friend Hadassah

Cousin Rebecca came to VBS with Abigail this week. These two are quite a pair!

I tried to get a picture of Elijah at VBS… but he is constant motion and wouldn’t slow down long enough!!! He had a great week learning about the names of God!

We were able to head to the pool a couple of times with some sweet friends… and we made some new friends along the way. One little guy was an instant fan of Brian’s and offered to have a house built for us if we move back to Atlanta… thanks Henry… we’ll let you know!

It was a long week at VBS… all three kids fell asleep in the car one afternoon as we headed up to see Uncle Michael and Aunt Lisa.

Brian was loving the babies as he held cousins Hadassah and Selah! These girls have the makings to be great friends… they are only a month apart… look out world!

We were very loved on and encouraged this week as we got to catch up with people. The kids were so excited to spend time with friends and cousins for sure. We cannot believe that this time last year we were saying good bye to Atlanta and heading down to Florida for Brian to start school. Now… we are half way done with Brian’s program. We are preparing to do a backyard Bible club in our neighborhood. We have joined a community in our church who faithfully look out for each other. We have each gotten another year older… and hopefully another year wiser. The past year had its slow moments, but over all, it went by really fast. Before we know it, next summer will be here and Brian will have graduated… I wonder what the next year holds!

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