Money Saving Monday- Sharing is Caring (and Saving)

If you know us at all, you know that we are HUGE fans of Chick Fil A! However, as “quick- service” restaurants go, Chick Fil A is not the most money efficient option out there.

When we feel the need to feed our family addiction, we let the kids share a meal. Usually the kids are filled up. Sometimes, they start in on mine or Brian’s meal. If they are still super hungry, they can grab a snack when they get home.

Of course, meal sharing goes outside of just Chick Fil A. We apply this principle to other restaurants as well. Brian and I will sometimes share a meal as well.

Other tips for eating out:

1. Take drinks for the kids with you or just get water.

2. Look for coupons, in store specials, etc. Just so you know, July 9th is cow appreciation day… Dress like a cow and get free Chick Fil A!!! Also…happy meals are $1.99 on Tuesday and Thursday at MacDonalds.

3. Choose restaurants that don’t require tipping.

Oh… And here’s one more Chick Fil A tip you may not know…you can trade in your un-opened kids meal toy for Ice-Cream!

How do you save money when it comes to eating out?


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