Money Saving Monday- Cold Water

A couple of years ago, I decided to switch to the cold water setting on the washing machine to see if it would really make a difference in our electric bill. Well, it did! I don’t remember exactly how much of a difference it made, but it was definitely noticeable. I don’t buy the special cold water detergent or anything. I just wash everything in cold water. If there are tough stains, I pre- treat them with oxyclean… It gets the job done 99% of the time.

Other money saving tips:
1. Make sure you are doing a full load everytime… Saves on water and energy (apply this to the dishwasher as well).

2. Have a laundry day where you are running loads consecutively in the dryer… This saves energy because the dryer stays warm and doesn’t spend more energy when re- warming up.

How do you save money with household chores?


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