Summer Travels… part 4

We had a great time in Atlanta catching up with friends, hanging out at the pool and playing with cousins. The kids LOVE their grandparents. Abigail was sitting with Pops one morning… when he got up to eat breakfast, she looked at me and said “now who am I going to cuddle with?” I looked at my empty lap and reminded her that I am always an option (obviously not as good an option as Pops thought).

Even though Brian wasn’t able to make the trip with us, the kids were able to talk with him on the phone and skype… so fun!

Abigail skyping with Brian!

We headed up to visit with Uncle Michael, Aunt Lisa and cousin Hadassah! Little Mommy Abigail was looking out for Hadassah at Chick Fil A.

Daniel and Selah were quite a pair crawling all over the grandparents’ house!

And here we are driving back to Florida. The kids are FANTASTIC car travelers. They do not complain about the ride and entertain themselves. We made it back with only two stops! Praise the Lord there was no traffic to battle. I am so thankful for an easy car ride and sweet little travel companions.

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