Mommy’s Birthday

My birthday was almost a month ago. I have been meaning to post this for a while, but other things have been capturing my attention. Brian and the kids took me out for breakfast and then sent me out of the house for the morning. I went and exercised at the Y, then relaxed at Borders for a while. The kids and Brian cleaned the house and baked a cake while I was gone… busy little bees!

I am so thankful for my sweet family. They make me feel so special. I love to watch how Elijah and Abigail interact with each other. Of course, they spend a lot of time together, so there is bound to be friction, but overall… they are super sweet and loving towards each other. I pray that they would always have a special friendship! It will be interesting to see how the dynamics in our home change as Selah gets older and begins to make her opinions known.

Brian is so gifted at making memories with the family. He can create fun out of just about anything. I am pretty sure that his love language (The 5 Love Languages by Chapman) is quality time. Brian loves spending time with his family. He loves being purposeful and making memories!

Thank you again to my sweet family for such a wonderful day!

Adding the MnMs

A Cake All For Me 😉

Check out decorating tips with Elijah and Abigail:


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