Open Sky- Three Little Monkeys

Well… I have yet again found something fun and exciting to invest time in. There is a NEW thing out on the web called Open Sky. This is a new online shop where people who want to sell their wares and people who want to make a little money by selling other peoples’ wares come together. There are some great products on open sky. The folks who create them rely on people like me to like what they do and spread the word.

Are you with me so far?

Hang in there…
Okay… so I have created my own Open Sky Shop called Three Little Monkeys. I have hand picked items (mostly toys right now) that I would gladly let my children play with. Next time you need to by a baby gift or birthday gift… please consider buying through my open sky shop.

If, while searching through Open Sky, you see a product you’d like to see featured in my shop, please let me know. I’d be happy to add it.
Thanks for indulging me. You can search my shop clicking on the tab at the top of the blog or by clicking here.

And now for today’s featured product:Melissa and Doug’s Classic Wooden Blocks. I have a lot of Melissa and Doug products featured in my shop. I like the simplicity and durability of the toys. We have several Melissa and Doug toys in our home.

SO… to recap… you shop for great toys at a great price. Buy through my shop and you get a great product, hand picked by me and I get a small commission from the sale… win win!


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