Thankful Thursday-Conversations with Elijah

I know every parent thinks their kids are special, unique, an individual… And every parent should think that! The Bible says that children are an inheritance from the Lord!

My sweet little guy is special, unique, an individual. He has been blessed with intelligence and wisdom beyond his years. He is a real thinker! Today in the car he said, “If I was God, I wouldn’t have created the tree in the middle of the garden. Then Adam and Eve wouldn’t have eaten the fruit and there wouldn’t be sin.”

I had to think about this for a while. I asked him if he thought God made a mistake…he said “no… That’s just how I would have done it.” We went on to talk about how God made us to use our brains. He gave Adam and Eve a choice to obey or not. God did not create us to be robots or puppets. He wants us to love him because we want to… Not because we have no other choice.

Elijah will probably think about that for a few days and then come back and talk about it again. He’s a thinker. He likes to use “that old brain.” (That’s what he calls it).

What are you thankful for today?


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