A New Blog

I realize that I have a lot of hobbies and interests. I don’t want this blog to become a platform for me to explore those interests. I want this blog to remain a place to share about our family happenings and prayer requests, etc. I will still share money saving tips here, but things like my Open Sky shop, how to crafts, recipes, homeschool tips, and whatever else has captured my attention for the moment will be shared at my new blog Little Monkeys... living life with three little monkeys by your side.

I am not really sure what I hope to accomplish with the monkey blog at this time, but I figured it would give me a new hobby/ outlet. This way people who are interested in keeping up with the Dugdales don’t have to be bombarded with whatever the hobby of the week is.

I have always liked crafts. I have always liked small business ventures and exploring new hobbies. When I was little, I was always out selling lemonade, doing door to door magic shows and other fun things.

I hope that you will continue to follow us here on the Dugdale Family Blog, but will also consider becoming a follower of my new blog as well.

Thanks for bearing with me !!!

Oh and for those of you who are counting, I’m up to three blogs now:
The Dugdale Family
Cakes By Katie
Little Monkeys

Don’t worry… I think three is my limit (with blogs that is).

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