Thankful Thursday- First Day of School

If I ever had doubts about homeschooling, I feel like today’s first day
put them to rest. The kids were so excited! We started Elijah on a
first grade curriculum this year. Many people ask Elijah if he’s
starting school this year or what grade he’s in. He always replies
with a proud look,”I do homeschool and I am in the first grade!”.

The other day, we were sitting at lunch with the new president of
RTS, his wife and their daughter. We asked where his daughter goes
to school and she told us she is homeschooled. Elijah’s face lit up and
he said, “hey… That’s what I do!”

We have had the first day marked on the calendar and have been
awaiting the day with much anticipation! I am thankful for the kids’
eagerness to learn. I am thankful for the fact that Selah took a nap
today so we could have some uninterrupted school time. I am
thankful that the kids can’t wait for tomorrow!

Be sure to check out my new blog for more of the technical/ how to
side of our journey through homeschooling.

Wee Little Monkeys

What are you thankful for today?


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