Quotable Qotes and Notable Notes…part 2

I often post the funny things said at our house on facebook…I realize that some of the blog readers aren’t on facebook…so … Well, here is a collection of things overheard at our house.

“Why are you using chapstick?” “Because my lips are falling off.” – elijah and abigail

“Elijah- why don’t you like shredded cheese anymore?” “Because sometimes people like something when they are young, but not when they grow up.” -brian and elijah

“Coffee is not good for kids.” “But if there was sour cream in it, kids would like it.” -katie and abigail

“Mommy- I’ve been wanting one of these for years” -Elijahs (5) about a dinosaur toy

“Abigail- your tummy is not a trashcan for gum” – elijah

” Don’t worry- just jump down- you’ll be fine- just like Robin Hood when he jumped down from the castle.” – elijah and abigail (who was apparently standing on top of the dresser)


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