Money Saving Money- One Man’s Trash

Before you read this post, you must read the following out loud:

I will not pass judgment on the Dugdale family!

Ok… Did you read it?


Alright… We can move forward now.

We are always keeping our eyes peeled for side of the road treasures.
Whenever there is a big pile of “trash” outside someone’s home, we
slow down and check out what is there. When we lived in
Charleston, we used to make regular drive throughs of some of the
more high end neighborhoods.

Seriously, you may think its gross… You may think you would never
do it… But you would be surprised at some of the stuff people throw
away. Some people put things out with the intention of having
someone pick it up.

We saw a dishwasher once with a sign that said “free! Works great!”

In one week, we saw two fooseball (sp?) tables in our neighborhood.
We decided we better scoop one up!

Other “treasures” we’ve found:

Lawn furniture
Giant lawn umbrella
Storage shelves
Lots and lots of scrap wood
Rocking chair
Pop up kids tent
Little Tykes car (like the cozy coupe, but a minivan!)
A bunk bed frame (not in use yet)

Sure, you have to clean stuff up…put a little elbow grease into it.
And of course, we are discerning about what treasures we acquire.
But if you know us at all, we love free stuff!!!

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