Selah’s 1st Birthday!!!

Selah is one! I cannot believe that her first year flew by as fast as it did. Oh my… this time last year, we had a one week old… 7 and a half pounds, 20 inches long… this year… a one year old… 20 pounds, 29 inches tall! She has been a true joy in our family. We are really enjoying watching her grow and change. She lights up a room with her sweet smile.

Not so sure about this cake business

She humored us by trying a little bit of cake, but ended up eating veggie straws instead.

The big kids table. I’m not sure what Elijah is doing… I don’t think Jayden knows either.
Jayden, Journey, Elijah, Avery and Abigail.

The babies had their dinner inside.

Big girl walking around. She holds her own with the big kids. We had a pool and sprinkler set up to play in after hamburgers and cake.

Happy Birthday Selah!!!


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