Money Saving Money- Eating In!

Confession: I like going out to eat. It doesn’t have to be anything
fancy… Just out, a change of scenery… Someone else cooking and

Fact: eating out is expensive!… So is ordering in!

Brian, who also enjoys eating out and ordering in has been learning
to make our favorite take out dishes at home. Not only is this a
money saver… It is also healthier because you can control what goes
into your food.

Two family faves that Brian has added to our meal rotation are pizza
and sweet and sour chicken with fried rice.

Here’s the breakdown:
Ready made dough from Publix (2)
Pizza Sauce
Mozerella Cheese
Toppings (we usually have pepperoni, mushroom and onion)

Cost= roughly $8-9 (the $8-9 is for just this round…keep in mind,
you will have enough sauce, cheese and toppings to do it all again
next week!)
**you can cut this cost down by making homemade dough**

2 large pizzas from your favorite pizza delivery… Minimum $20 (and
then there’s the matter of tipping)

Chinese – sweet and sour chicken with fried rice:
Chicken (we get the Tyson all natural frozen chicken breast bags
from Sam’s and just pull out what we need when we need it)
Flour (to bread the chicken)
Oil (to fry the chicken)
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Soy Sauce

Total cost: $5-8 dollars

The same meal from your favorite Chinese Take Out- $20 minimum (
but most likely more)

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