Fall- Florida Style

I have been so jealous of all the facebook statuses talking about the break in the temperature, and the fall nip in the air… there is no such nip in Florida. We are still hitting the 90s hard around here! The kids are still going swimming and looking for ways to cool down. I am still being a pansy and not taking them to the park during the heat of the day because, well… its the heat of the day!

But… we were given some smore making ingredients (thanks Lisa) and couldn’t resist breaking out the fire pit and marshmallow sticks. We waited until evening and headed out for some fall fun.. Florida style!

Please note that the nightshirt Abigail is wearing was mine back in the day!!!

We shared the Smore wealth with Aunt Alyson and Lauren!

MMMM…. Marshmallow!!!!

Elijah challenged us to a game of soccer… there’s no getting past the brother/ sister goal keepers!

These are our “fierce” soccer faces as we took on the boys!

Ahhh… fall… can’t beat it!

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