Sunday Morning

…Check out this giant bottle of hand soap… Appropriate for an auto
shop, I suppose.

A typical Sunday morning at our house consists of homemade
waffles, getting ready for and going to church. Our church is about
half an hour away and starts early. We try to allow a little wiggle
room in our departure time… But I am just thankful if we can get
everyone dressed and out the door!

This Sunday started off as a typical one… Waffles, check… clothes,
check… Out the door with a few minutes to spare, check (kind of).
On the way to church, the oil light came on and the car began to
make a funny noise. Well… We had some car trouble a couple of
weeks ago that started with a funny noise… so, as soon as we could,
we found an autozone and pulled in. (There aren’t a lot of options
for car repair on Sunday mornings… We were thankful to find
something nearby that was open).

While Brian, a.k.a. Superdad, fixed the oil light issue, the kids and I
hung out in the store. I was feeling frustrated and put out that my
day was unexpectedly interrupted. The kids, however, were having a
blast exploring. They found magnifying glasses and pretended to
track animals for most of the time we were there! They are so

When the car was fixed, we packed up and headed back home to
spend the rest of the day resting and regrouping.

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