Growing Up

Elijah has been described as an “old soul” since he was a baby. He
has always seemed to have wisdom beyond his years. Lately,
however, I have had to come to grips with the fact that my little boy
is growing up. A couple of years ago, at the mom’s group I was a part
of, people kept saying that the preschool years would go by fast- to
enjoy them while I could. At that time, I felt like we would be stuck
in the preschool years forever! About a month ago, I realized that
Elijah’s preschool years are over. He has entered a new phase of
childhood. We are moving into an era of character development. A
time when obedience isn’t just because I’m your mom and I said so,
but because there are things that God wants to teach you as you
grow up to be the man he wants you to be.

I am finding it harder than I thought to watch him grow. Elijah is in
a phase of life where he is pulling away from me and Brian and
figuring out how to live life. He is testing limits and questioning
boundaries. He is not the mommy’s boy he was a couple of years ago.
It is hard for me to let him try new things- to step back and let him
have failures and successes- to watch him learn how to do things his

The more independence he gains, the less control I have! The other
day, Elijah said, “today for lunch, I’d like to make my own peanut
butter and jelly sandwich.” My mind thought about the mess
involved, the unevenly distributed pb & j, etc. I made myself give up
the control. I gave the boy the ingredients and let him go… And
guess what, I survived! He was so proud of himself and ate every bit
of HIS sandwich.

I am sure that as the kids get older and closer to adulthood, I will
become more and more sentimental over them and their childhood. I
mean… I feel this way about Elijah now and he’s only 5! How am I
going to feel when he’s 13? 16? 18?

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