Homeschooling Update

Ok…let’s count this post as Money Saving Monday, Thankful Thursday and general how we are doing all wrapped up into one.

I have so enjoyed homeschooling the kids thus far. We are using the first grade curriculum from My Father’s World. I like it for a few reasons:
– Affordability- the basic package was under $200.
– the lesson plans are very well laid out with additional activities included
– there are lists of suggested books, but there is also a lot of freedom to explore topics on our own.
– the lessons are straight forward without a lot of busy work.

I don’t know if we will continue using My Father’s World throughout our school years, but for now, it works. Elijah is doing really well with the work. Abigail sits in with us for most of the time and does lessons that I have adapted for her.

I like that the curriculum has quite a bit of hands on activities- the first couple of weeks we were working on a letter scroll and made clay pots. Today (in the picture above), we talked about what people in the Bible times wore and why. We made costumes to illustrate the point.

I love seeing the kids enjoy school and learning. They look forward to it each day. This has been a good thing for all of us.

I haven’t had to spend money on extra materials which makes me happy too. If you want to follow more of the day to day stuff of what we are up to in the Dugdale school, check out my other blog.


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