Backyard Family Pictures- Outtakes and All

The weather has started to change in Florida and the kids have rediscovered the backyard. The heat was a big deterrent towards the end of the summer and then there was the take over by the love bugs (little bugs that look like lightless fireflies that attach to each other and fly around… they were everywhere) that kept us inside.

Finally, last week, we went outside and played! I grabbed the camera and tried to snap a few pictures. Getting these children to look at the camera and smile is getting harder and harder. Getting all three of these children to sit together, look at the camera and smile is almost impossible.

We’ll start with some candid shots:

Selah loves everything to do with being outside. She explores the entire backyard and has so much fun while she’s at it!

Abigail is so proud that she can swing in the big kid swing now.

Elijah is not amused about something that just happened. Don’t worry… he got over whatever it was.

Now for the group shots:

All three looking at the camera, one crying and two smiling (sort of).

Two looking at the camera, one trying not to cry and one with eyes closed… and I just realized that Elijah is doing something weird with his shorts.

Okay… let’s try sticking them in a chair together and see if that works. Two looking in the general area of the camera, one looking at a golf ball. No one is actually smiling, but at least no one is crying… we’ll call this picture a success.

And finally, the individual portraits:

Candid, but cute and smiling. Sweet Girl!

Abigail usually either looks at the camera, but doesn’t smile or smiles, but doesn’t look at the camera. She’s looking and smiling in this one… another success!!!

Sweet guy with a sweet smile.

I like to take pictures. It’s one of my favorite things to do! Thankfully, I have an endless supply of material to take pictures of thanks to these three little people.

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