Sea Turtles

For as much as we come to Saint Simons, I thought we had seen all the sights and done all the fun stuff to do. Apparently not! Just next door, on Jekyll Island, is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. We decided to head over and check it out this morning. As expected, the kids were completely fascinated. It was a very kid friendly place!

Replicas of Sea Turtles were hanging from the ceiling in the big exploration room.
sea turtles are ginormous!

After hanging out in a big fact filled room, we headed to the sea turtle hospital to see how the center was caring for injured and sick turtles. Selah was so excited and can now say “turtle.”

They had turtles in little pools all around the room. The center cares for and rehabilitates the turtles that are found.

Gammy went with us! They were looking in the box turtle area, but all the turtles were hiding.

Family picture… doesn’t happen often… everyone looking?… nope… anyone crying?… nope. We’ll call this one a success!


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