Money Saving Monday- the Library

Children’s books are one of my weaknesses. I always feel like I can justify buying them because of their “educational” value. I can’t deny the teacher that is in me! It doesn’t help that the kids are also quite fond of books! I still have boxes and boxes of books from my teaching days. However, with the interests of the kids constantly changing (one day it’s dinosaurs, then butterflies, then ocean animals, etc), the library just makes more sense!

The kids enjoy feeling like big kids as they wield their library cards to check out the books! Elijah likes to venture off from the kids section to find books about whatever animal he is interested in at the moment (usually dinosaurs).

We usually get about twenty books at a time! Most libraries (not ours) have DVDs you can check out as well. My favorite library so far was the one in Mount Pleasant, SC. They had current movies and tv series on DVD. They had a fantastic kids section too!

Barnes and Noble and Border’s are fun, but the library is where we’ll be getting our books for now.

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